Inventory Page

Year Grade Description Price Pictures
1805 NGC XF45 O-111 Attractive example of a tougher date in this grade. Lovely colors within the reverse lettering was not captured in the photo. $1875
1806 PCGS F15 O-115 pointed 6 stem through claw. Nice original no problem coin $575
1806/9 vf20 O-111a two cuds reverse, one full the second retained. Old clean with some hairlines but still very presentable and re-toning nicely. $850
1807DB good draped bust O-105 $195
1809 vg O-112, minor marks, mottled tone R5 $125
1809 good+ O-112 R5 $125
1809 ANACS AU50 O-112 R5 au50 details cleaned. There are mint made adjustment marks on miss liberties cheek. Some attractive re-toning with nice light colors $595
1811 good4 O-113 R5- cleaned and a bit weak $75
1811 g-vg O-113 R5 $125
1813 PCGS AU50 O-105 original $625
1814 PCGS XF40 O-105a single leaf, original and problem free. Redbook variety. $1150
1819 ch vf O-113 nice $165
1819/8 lg g-vg O-103a R4 nice for grade $80
1821 PCGS VF35 O-103 nice original $190
1822 vf O-103 R5 tougher early die state. Cleaned $215
1827 g-vg O-123 R5- $95
1827 f12 O-123 R5- old clean $125
1831 PCGS AU55 CAC O-108 lovely original tone. CAC approved $525
1832 xf40 O-111 nice original small letters reverse $145
1832 PCGS XF40 O-110 small letters reverse, original $165
1833 PCGS AU50 O-114 very nice original $315
1834 ANACS VF35 O-112 small date small letters. Nice original $85
1836 ANACS AU53 50/00 fairly nice. In small cache $850